012/2011 "On safety of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres" sets out the requirements to equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres, the compliance with which provides its safe use in explosive atmospheres.
TR CU 012/2011 adopted for the purpose of protection of life and health of persons, property and prevention of actions that can mislead customers.

This Technical Regulation of the Customs Union applies to electrical equipment (electrical apparatus), including Ex-components, and non-electrical equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres.
An identification criterion of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres and Excomponents is the availability of means providing their explosion protection as specified in the manufacturer’s technical documentation, and the explosion-proof marking affixed on the equipment and the Ex-proof rated component.

Drawing of special Explosion Safety Mark:

TR CU Certificate of Conformity (for Explosion proof equipment)

TR CU Ex-proof Certificate is the compliance of the products with the requirements of the Customs Union.

According to 012/2011, a TR CU Certificate of Conformity should be issued, and it can be issued for certain quantity, shipment base or for serial production up to 5 years.




In general, beside general TR CU Certification requirements, 4 important Technical Regulations should be applied to TR CU Ex-proof Certificate:

TR CU 012/2011 "On safety of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres"
TR CU 004/2011 "On safety of low voltage equipment"
TR CU 020/2011 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means"
TR CU 010/2011 "On safety of machinery and equipment"

To provide TR CU Ex-proof Certificate of Conformity, factory audit by Experts and sample testing is required. Also, annual inspection control will be applied in the certificate during the validation period. All Certificates of Conformity of the Customs Union are registered in the Unified Register of certificates of conformity issued using a common form.

TR CU Ex-proof Certificate will be issued with an Ex-Attachment; which is written all important technical data and specifications regarding explosion proof characteristics of the subject equipment.

Any certification requires a local Applicant Company, which is representing the Producers in the abroad. This company should be registered in the territory of Customs Union; our Company EMCC GROUP Ltd. registered in Moscow, Russia and serves foreign producers for obtaining of this requirement.

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